Quarterback is such an important position in the NFL that it’s almost impossible to overpay for a good one. But the biggest question facing the Bears heading into the 2017 season is whether they overpaid for two bad ones.

The twin surprising decisions to sign Mike Glennon to a three-year, $45 million contract and then to trade up to the second overall pick and draft Mitchell Trubisky have led to a great deal of scrutiny on the Bears. If Chicago had just spent the $6 million or so it would have taken to retain Brian Hoyer for another year, and the $2 million or so it would have taken to retain Matt Barkley for another year, and then drafted Trubisky with the third overall pick instead of trading up to second overall, there wouldn’t be nearly as much scrutiny.


But the Bears apparently think that by taking chances on Glennon and Trubisky, they’re likely to find that one of them is the long-term answer at quarterback. That will likely mean Glennon starting at first and Trubisky getting every opportunity to supplant him at some point during the season. If one of the quarterbacks shows promise this season, great. If not, the Bears are in big trouble. read more at profootballtalk.nbcsports.com

thumbnail courtesy of nbcsports.com

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