We do NOT accept checks, PayPal or Google Wallet for any Pool payments.



NOTE: I am no longer accept checks as payments. It is too much work to track down payments from people, trying to collect on bounced checks (yes, it happens almost every year), running to the bank several times a week to deposit checks, managing payments, etc.

There are 2 online options (CASH.me and Venmo) to pay online using a credit card, your bank account or your debit card, most of them completely free.

1. CASH.me – Fast, easy, free.

2. Venmo – Fast, easy, free

3. Cash – Fast, easy, free (Least desirable)


Pay Via

Pay via Venmo Pay Via Square Cash


Note: CASH.me is run by the folks that own Square. You probably recognize them by the iPad payments system restaurants use. You can read about their security policies here: https://cash.me/security

CASH.me also provides an iOS app as well as a Google Play Store app.

Venmo is free and also has an Android and iOS app. I highly recommend using either your bank account or a debit card as any money won will be available usually immediately.

Be sure to include the names of your entries and any other entries you are paying for.

NOTE: If you are planning on using CASH.me or Venmo to make your payments, you should set up your accounts as soon as possible. Services may take up to 5 days to verify your account before you are allowed to send or receive money. I have not run into this lately, but to be safe…


Payments by Cash

Please send your entry fees to:

Kevin Struck
10064 Armadillo Dr.
Lone Tree, CO 80124

NOTE: US Mail payments must be POSTMARKED the day prior to the start date of any of our pools.


We are not responsible for lost or stolen mail. If you must send your payment via mail, we recommend adding a delivery confirmation to your payment.


Pay via CASH.me at cash.me/$marchmelee

Pay via your Venmo Account by sending to kstruck@gmail.comPay Now



We do NOT accept Checks, PayPal or Google Wallet for any Pool payments.


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