Pool Password: pickem2019

$50 for the Entire 17 week season (Less than $3 a week!)

Easy to play. Just pick the winners straight up (No spreads) each week. After making your picks, pick one team as your Best Bet, if that team wins, you receive three (3) points instead of the usual 1. Each week prizes will be paid for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. At the end of the season, scores are added up and season prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.



Entry Fees and Payouts

Entry fees: $50 per person, payable up front. Money must be received no later than Thursday, September 5th. If your payment is not received, you will be dropped from the pool.     What does my $50 pay for? The money will be dispersed as prizes during the course of the season.

Entry Fee Breakdown:

Approximately $1.25 per player to cover the cost of the Pool Hosting Company ($2). Actual cost will depend on number of players (See Chart below). Once the cost is covered, the rest will be divided up between weekly and season pots. For example, if we have 50 players and the cost is $50, only 1 dollar will be taken out for hosting.

$2.00 per player per week will go to the weekly prize pool ($34)

$14.00 per player for the season winners.

Final breakdown will be published on Thursday, Sept 5th, 2019

The Pool is hosted and run by RunYourPool.com. Their pricing structure is as follows:

Up to 25 entries $29.95
26 to 50 entries $49.95
51 to 100 entries $89.95
101 to 200 entries $169.95
201 to 500 entries $299.95
501 to 1000 entries $499.95
1001 to 2000 entries $999.95

If we have 32 players, the prize payment below is what we will be using. The most important part is of the $1600 in fees collected, all $1600 is paid out over the season to the respective winners below.   $50 Breakdown: ~$34 for weekly prizes  +~$14 for season prizes —=2.00 in hosting fees—- $50 Total for season Prizes (32 PAID players – Total overall pot $1600)  Weekly Winners: ($62 Weekly Pot – $1,062 total for season)

  • 1st place = $40
  • 2nd place = $15
  • 3rd place = $5

Overall Season Winners: ($488 Season Pot)

  • 1st place = $292
  • 2nd place = $146
  • 3rd place = $50

*More players, more money to the winners. Fewer players, less money for the winners.


Rules and Instructions

All entry fees must be paid no later than Thursday, September 5, 2019. Payments made online, via  Venmo or Square Cash are preferred. See payment information here. Cash can be sent to: Kevin Struck 10064 Armadillo Dr. Lone Tree, CO 80124

Checks are not permitted.


If we do not have your fee by Thursday, Sept 5th prior to the start of the first game, your entry into the pool will be removed.

There will be NO refunds. If you quit before the end of the season you can sell your spot to whoever you like for whatever you can get and they will assume your points total as far as the overall standings go.

The site is operated by RunYourPool.com. You must sign up for an account at RunYourPool.com. Seasons standings will be automatically calculated from each individual’s results.

In the event the tie-break fails to do its job for determining the weekly winners the relevant prize money will be split. In the event of ties for the season prizes, the player pick records will be used to determine the winners and if necessary, the prize money will be split.

Note: Once the number of players has been determined the actual amounts for the weekly and season prizes will be determined and will be published to the website.

Picks: Pick the team you think is going to win. This is a straight-up pick. Point spreads are not used.  If the team you picked wins then you will score one point for that pick. If the team you picked loses you score zero on that pick. Pick one team to be your best bet and if that team wins, you score a total of three (3) points for that one game. Tie games are counted as a WIN.

The person with the highest total score for the week wins. (Each week pays 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place)

Tie Breakers: When you submit your picks you will be prompted for the tie breaker. You must predict the total combined score for the teams involved in the Monday night game. The smallest difference between the predicted point total and the actual point total for the game will be used to determine the winner in the case of place ties. In the event that there is more than one Monday night game, the tiebreaker is the final game of the evening. Also, if there is no Monday game, the tiebreaker is the final game of the week.

Due Dates: Entries are due on Sunday’s by 1 PM ET and by kickoff for Thurs, or Sat games. For example, if there is a Thursday night game, you must submit your pick for that game by kickoff.

Please note – All picks will be hidden until the game has begun (for early games) or the until the first game on Sunday.

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