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How Do Super Squares Work?

If you are familiar with Super Bowl Squares, the core concept is the same for March Madness. A 10×10 grid of boxes is setup and each row and column are assigned a number from 0 to 9. Just like a Super Bowl Squares pool, each square of the grid can be claimed by a pool player.

  • Pool players click grid squares to claim them.
  • Grid numbers are hidden from players until all squares are reserved and paid for, or until the start of the tournament, whichever comes first.
  • Unlike the Super Bowl where there is only ONE game, players’ squares are theirs for EVERY game.
  • At half-time and at the end of every game, we automatically compare the last digit of both teams’ score is to determine a winner.
  • We will list each individual winner as well as an aggregate count of how many times each pool member has won.


Results and Winning Squares

Winning boxes are determined by looking at the half-time and final score of each game. The top row of numbers (horizontal) represents the winning team while the side (vertical) represents the losing team.






In this example, North Carolina is the winning team and the last digit of their score (73) is 3. We would look for the 3 across the top of the grid. Miami’s score was 64, so we look for the 4 down the left side of the grid.

In the sample grid below, the winner in this example would be Paul Lombardi.

Pool players see the squares grid and all other pool player’s picks online, in real-time. The completed squares grid can also be printed out and distributed so players don’t need to be near a computer to see who has won.

sample grid

When you are ready, RESERVE YOUR SQUARE(s)



2018 Super Squares Payout


The Payout
Games Total Games Half-Time Final Total Payout
First Four – Play in Games 4 $0 $0 $0
Second Round – Regionals 32 $4 $8 $384
Third Round – Regionals 16 $8 $16 $384
Regional Semifinals – Sweet 16 8 $12 $20 $256
Reginal Finals – Elite 8 4 $20 $40 $240
National Semifinals – Final Four 2 $40 $80 $240
National Championship 1 $80 $300 $380
National Championship Reverse 1 $0 $80 $80
Total Payouts* $1964
*$36 Commissioner’s fees
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